The Mobile Lounge collective of musicians formulated in 1999. A group of D.C. area teenagers decided to combine their musical abilities through a series of bands dedicated to varying styles of music.

The first release from the Mobile Lounge, a tape compilation called “The Mobile Lounge Collective,” was made in 2000, and features many of the bands currently on the Mobile Lounge roster. After a couple more cassette releases, Repelican released a full length album in January 2004. Other bands from the collective have ceased making music, and others have joined the collective.

The core of Mobile Lounge is now in Baltimore. While there are connections to other areas, (Sizewise in Boston, The What Ifs from Connecticut and Valium Eel and Simon Cohen in DC) Baltimore is the current hub of operations.

Since our first release, there have been several internet releases with limited CD pressing from The Sword Swallow, Repelican, The What Ifs, Oh! Be Joyful and The Art Department. Sizewise has an upcoming EP as well.

Looking forward, we hope to gain a fan base beyond our respective circle of friends through live performances and more releases. Still, the main place to keep up with the latest songs and upcoming performances lies here, on this website. The internet has allowed us to put our music up, free of charge, simply because we want people to hear it. So please, download and listen as much as possible. Provide feedback on the message board or email us. We thank you for visiting.